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Supplementary Information

Transparent crosslinked ultrashort peptide hydrogel dressing with high shape-fidelity accelerates healing of full-thickness excision wounds

Wei Yang Seow, Giorgiana Salgado, E. Birgitte Lane and Charlotte A. E. Hauser

Figure S1. CD studies performed with LK6C. a) LK6C gels were formed at 10 mg/mL in the absence or presence of H2O2. Both adopted predominantly β-turn conformations, as evidenced by the characteristic minima at ~220-225 nm. b) Based on the depth of the characteristic β-turn peak at ~220 nm, LK6C exhibited the most pronounced β-turn character after being crosslinked by H2O2. In the presence of CRGD or without crosslinking (water), its β-turn character reduced.

Figure S2. Representative paraffin-embedded cross-sections of wounds treated with a) completed medium-infused peptide hydrogel, b) no treatment and c) DuoDerm® after Masson’s trichrome staining on day 14. Collagen is stained blue. Collagen deposition was denser near the wound edge and in the deeper tissue layers, indicative of the inwards and upwards progression of wound healing. There was no obvious difference between the treatment groups in terms of density and location of collagen deposition.

----------------------- Wavelength (nm)

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LK6C fixed at 10 mg/mL


Wavelength (nm)

[θ]×103 (deg cm2 dmol-1)


LK6C fixed at 1 mg/mL

Water H2O2 CRGD + H2O2

c) DuoDerm® control Day 14

b) No treatment control Day 14

a) Gel + completed media Day 14